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Zodiac Summer Cleaner
Consumer Cashback Campaign 2020

As the warm weather sets in, the pool oasis is beckoning, and consumers are preparing for the season ahead. What better way to improve their pool cleaning efficiency, than with a NEW Zodiac pool cleaner.

We are excited to announce that we are launching a Zodiac cleaner consumer cashback promotion to kick-start the 2020 peak season. From the 1st November to the 31st December - consumers can simply purchase any of the eligible Zodiac cleaners from the Zodiac range in-store to receive up to $150 cashback!

How does it work?

Consumers must make an in-store purchase of any of the following Zodiac pool cleaners within the promotional period to receive cashback:

  • Purchase a Zodiac AX10 ACTIV and receive $50 cash back*
  • Purchase a Zodiac TX35/TX35 TILE and receive $80 cash back*
  • Purchase a Zodiac VX42, VX45, VX50, EvoluX EX4000 iQ, EvoluX 5000 iQ (all 4WD) and receive $100 cash back*
  • Purchase a Zodiac EvoluX EX6000 iQ and receive $150 cash back*

*Terms & Conditions apply.


How to redeem cashback?

A campaign microsite accessible via has been created for consumers to submit their cashback redemptions. Once the consumer has paid for their cleaner in full, they will have to complete the form on the website and upload their receipt. The webpage will go live on 1st November 2020.

Once the redemption has been successfully submitted and verified, the consumer will receive a confirmation email advising next steps to arrange payment.