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Choosing the right filter for your spa pool will not only ensure clean, safe water but maximise the efforts of your sanitiser and give you better efficiency with water.

The compact Davey Series1000 Cartridge Filter is designed to fit in tight spaces and so is ideal for spa pools and small swimming pools.

Alternatively you can choose a Davey Skim Filter, installed directly into the spa pool mould. Davey offer a slimline or 'wide mouth' design that are supplied with filters.

Keep you pool and spa water looking crystal clear with a Davey Spa Cartridge Filter.


Q1002 C1050 50ftsq One
Q1003 C1075 75ftsq One
Q1005GY C1035 Series 1000 Two
Q1200GY KIT Wide mounth skim filter Two
Q1240GY SQ50 skim filter  One