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How Your Spa Can Help with Your Training Programme

How Your Spa Can Help with Your Training Programme

10th Sep 2019

Did you know that a soak in your spa before or after your training session or workout can have tonnes of great benefits for your body? Whether you are a runner, footy player or gym junkie, here are some helpful tips for integrating spa time into your training programme.

Pre training

A quick soak in the spa can help your body prepare for exercise. The heat of the water will warm up and loosen your muscles, so they aren’t as stiff or sore when you begin training. The warmth of the water can also promote increased blood flow and circulation to reduce lactic acid build up, the primary cause of side stitches. Keep in mind that spending time in the spa can cause dehydration, so drink lots of water afterwards and have a good stretch.

Post training

If you think that the sooner you can hit the spa post-workout the better, you’d be wrong. Immediately after exercising your muscles are inflamed and your body is dehydrated, so a spa session will only dehydrate you more. The best time for a soak is 24 to 48 hours post-workout. The warmth of the water at this time will encourage muscle repair and reduce stiffness so you can fully reap its restorative benefits.

Before a big event

If you have a big game or training event coming up a spa session is just what the doctor ordered. Not only will the warm water do wonders for your muscles and circulation, it will also help you relax and focus. Use the time to visualise your success or win.

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